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Which Are Better: Implants or Dentures?

One of the most commonly affected parts of our body affected by changes as we age is our mouth. Decay, periodontal disease, or trauma can cause damage to the dentition, resulting in missing teeth. With today’s advancements in dentistry, there are plenty of options for replacing missing teeth.

The two most popular ways to restore missing teeth is through dental implants or dentures. But which one is better? Here are some things to keep in mind when considering these types of treatment:


Dentures are prosthetic devices made of plastic. Depending on how many teeth the patient has left, dentures can be held in place by hooking onto remaining teeth, or by vacuuming onto soft tissues. Newer designs allow for mounting onto implants placed inside the jaw bone. One of the main downfalls of dentures is the lack of stability. If no adhesive or implants are used to hold it into place, everyday tasks involving the mouth can become challenging. Chewing hard food, as well as speaking can be impacted or unmanageable. A lot of patients also report longer periods of adjustment, as well as discomfort while wearing them.

On the plus side, dentures can be much cheaper than implants. Restoration of multiple missing teeth or entire dentitions can be much cheaper if done with dentures.


Dental implants have taken the world by storm in recent years, so finding dental implant services in Michigan won’t be difficult. They seem to be the treatment of choice for a lot of cases of missing teeth. They are designed to imitate the root of a natural tooth in the form of a titanium screw. The dentist then uses it as a place for the replacement teeth to be mounted onto.

The main benefit of the implant is in the way it imitates a real tooth. It has a root-like structure inside the jaw bone, as well as a crown that’s above the gumline. The pressure caused by chewing is transferred directly onto the bone, whereas with dentures, softer tissues are the ones to absorb most of the pressure. With plenty of different options for colors and shapes, creating a replica of your missing tooth won’t be a problem.

The negatives for implants are the price and indications. Considering their nature, there are certain conditions, which must be met by the patient in each individual case.

Missing teeth, regardless of the reason, are a thing of the past. With so many different options for replacing them and restoring healthy smiles, it can be hard to decide the right option for your situation. Consulting with a professional ensures you make an informed decision.

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