Repair Commercial Sewer

Tips to Repair Commercial Sewer & Drain Pipes in Topeka, KS

As a private plumber in Topeka, KS, one is allowed to be hired to repair and maintain the sewer and drain pipes located on private or commercial property. You can also unclog and clean sewer line connection from a home to up to where they connect to Topeka’s main sewer line. A private plumber can also inspect any portion of the sewer line between where it connects to the main sewer and a home or office. However, as a private plumber, you are not allowed to repair or inspect the main sewer line without authorization or supervision relevant local authority agents.

How to Identify Drainage Problems

If a plumber suspects that a sewer line is blocked or damaged, they can use the following techniques to identify and locate breaks, grease, flat spots, root intrusions, as well as other common obstructions. The contractor needs to provide photos or a DVD recording of the findings as proof of what they found.

  • When inspecting a water pipe, then video┬ápipeline inspections are the best option.
  • When Inspecting sewer lines use of radio tracing or radio wave scoping is the best option.

What to Do Before a Sewer Inspection

Agreements Before an Inspections

Most plumbers will do a free inspection on condition that they will be given the job if they are able to identify a fault. It is therefore important to agree on the cost of repair beforehand. It is not possible to get the exact figures but there should be an estimated range that you have to agree on.

Cost Estimates

You should be able to agree on the range of the cost of repair based on a unit length of the pipe. That will give the business owner and the plumber a fair estimate both on the lower and higher side. It is also best to agree on how the cost will vary if less than half of the pipe is danged or more than half of the pipe is damaged.

Repair Options

The cost of repair can vary greatly if a new pipe is used instead of an epoxy resin to do a plumbing repair. It is therefore best to agree on the cost of repair when using either of the two methods. That will allow the home or business owner to decided whether the work should start or whether they need to get a second opinion on the cost of repair.

Repair of Commercial sewer lines

Generally, most commercial sewer lines experience more corrosion than residential sewer lines. That means the cost of repair of a commercial sewer line will be on the higher side than a residential sewer line. However, sometimes the cost of repair maybe closer to the cost of replacing the entire damaged section. It is therefore best to ask the plumber to give estimates of both the repair and replacement of an entire damaged section. That would ensure that you do not have to do multiple repairs on the same section every few years.

Check with Local Authorities

If you intend to carry out major sewer repairs, it is best as a business owner and plumber to get updates on local regulations concerning such repairs. Bylaws and construction guidelines may change and escape your notice.

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