Protect Your Mouth During Winter Sports With Mouth Guards in Brookline MA

Winter Sports With Mouth Guards

Lacrosse and football aren’t the only sports that require players to use mouth guards in Brookline MA. Many favorite winter sports are best enjoyed with the protection of a mouth guard. From hockey and basketball to wrestling and skiing, it’s important to consider the safety of your teeth as you play.

If you have undergone dental procedures such as  porcelain veneers, dentures, or dental implants, wearing a mouth guard can save you from costly repairs.

Why Are Mouth Guards Important In Winter Sports?

Your favorite winter sport poses many different dangers to your smile. For example, basketball typically causes one of the highest occurrences of dental injuries among players. So much running, diving, and jumping for the ball creates the perfect scenario for a dental disaster. It’s not just your teeth that are exposed, but your tongue and jaw are susceptible to injury as well.

Skiing and hockey are also particularly dangerous due to their use of ice and snow to generate speed. Whether you’re flying down a black diamond slope, or flailing hockey sticks, protecting your mouth with mouth guards in Brookline MA should remain a top priority.

The same goes for wrestling, because although wrestling doesn’t have the same type of jumping, speeding, and diving that is involved in other winter sports, it’s still a powerful activity with dangerous pinning and grappling. Such close proximity between you and another player can easily lead to major dental injuries.

Types Of Mouth Guards in Brookline MA

Fortunately, mouth guards are easy to find and afford. Make sure you talk to your dentist to identify the best choice for your unique oral needs. It’s possible to purchase standard, pre-formed mouth guards in Brookline MA at sports stores, or you could try the slightly more personal “boil and bite” mouth guard that shapes to your teeth.

In most cases, your best option is a customized mouth guard that is produced with higher-quality materials and designed to protect your entire mouth. If you have specific needs like previously injured teeth or braces, your customized mouth guard will be shaped to address those specifications.

Need protection from winter sports? Contact our office today to schedule a consultation so we can discuss your options for mouth guards in Brookline MA.

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