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Ingenious Ways to Recruit and Hire

The goal of a recruiting and hiring agency is finding and hiring top talent, right? They do that in-house, too. Recruiting and hiring professionals are more than excited about their chosen career and do everything they can to find amazing candidates that will knock your socks off.

Here’s what they’re passionate about now.

Active candidates

Gone is the notion that passive candidates – those that are ensconced and happy in their current positions – are the gems to look for. Active candidates – those that are actively looking for new challenges are what’s hot right now.


Because if the candidate is innovative, ingenious, and passionate, why wouldn’t they want to move onward and upward? Active candidates are goal oriented, challenge driven, and interested in new ideas, experimentation, and advanced learning. These types of hires are a win for any organization.

Another win – active candidates are easier to train, resulting in lower training and hiring costs. Up to 70{727532ace1014bcf91bafb55e97643425893feccfc12e1e391d3240f00ab24c3} of talent professionals claim that the passionate nature of active candidates translates to more engagement and better performance. In the now, that means less training and going forward, less turnover.

Blind Hiring:

We’ve all heard the rags to riches stories in which a super talented person with little to no education makes it to the top of their field, jumping ahead of people that are much more qualified and who have more experience. Some recruiters are hoping to find more of these gems.

The idea is that passion and personal enterprise may count for more than a routine, out of the box path to success. Sticking to stellar resumes results in missing candidates that may be greater assets.

To find and assess this hidden candidate, recruiting and hiring companies are using blind auditioning. Companies looking for new hires detail the skill set, knowledge, and other factors that they want in an employee and potentials are tested against those factors to find the best fit.

Employer Branding:

Thirty years ago candidates were at the mercy of employers. Interviews were about the supplicant impressing his or her future superior. As time went on, that lessened, then nearly equal ground was achieved and the hiring process was one of meeting mutual objectives.

Now, the smart option may be for the employer to impress the candidate rather than the other way around. Hiring companies are treating top talent in the same way a company might treat a top client. If you want the best, you’ve got to show them why you’re the best.

To do this, recruiters and hiring companies are encouraging organizations to create an employer brand.
Employer branding isn’t a new concept – it’s been around for a while – but the mechanics in building a great one are changing. Social media and rating sites have made it easier for employees to control the narrative more effectively than the employer. What yours say about you can make or break your image in the eyes of potential talent.

Having a reputable brand not only attracts the best candidates, it gets them in the door for up to 10{727532ace1014bcf91bafb55e97643425893feccfc12e1e391d3240f00ab24c3} less than companies with bad reputations would pay.

So how to build a great brand? Make your current employees happy and give your candidates exceptional hiring experiences. Your success in hiring hangs on your organization’s culture and what those within it have to say about their experiences.

An additional approach is to make a dedicated commitment to social media engagement. Showcase your current top talent, start conversations, post videos like these to show how exciting your explainer video company culture is. Even though over 60{727532ace1014bcf91bafb55e97643425893feccfc12e1e391d3240f00ab24c3} of potential hires research a company’s social media profiles to gauge how they’d fit in, only 1/3 of organizations have someone dedicated to social media.


Top talent may seem out of reach or beyond the targeted salary allocation, but the investment is worth it in the long run. To get there, recruiting companies in San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta and other pools of major talent throughout the US are expanding and unfolding traditional hiring practices to find the candidates that will take industry forward.

To find a recruiting and hiring service that in your city or your industry, log in to Credibase and search our extensive database of the nation’s best recruiting and hiring companies.

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