How To Select The Best iPad Mini Screen Repair Shop In Vancouver

Do you think it’s difficult to find and select the best iPad Mini screen repair shop in Vancouver? Don’t worry; we are here to help make things easier for you.

We know that without AppleCare+ plan the iPad Mini screen replacement through Apple Store can be expensive. Also, if you don’t want to proceed with a DIY repair, then you your only other option will be to find a repair shop that’s either local or accepts mail-ins to perform iPad screen repair for you.

There are many local cell phone and tablet repair shops in Vancouver, British Columbia – where you can get your iPad Mini screen repaired. But, are they genuine and do they deliver quality repair services? Maybe, maybe not. Thus, it’s necessary that you learn the art of selecting the best iPad Mini Screen repair shop in Vancouver.

Below in this post we will provide you with some useful tips on, “How to Select The Best iPad Screen Repair Shop in Vancouver.”

1. Do Some Homework And Research The Best Cell Phone & Tablet Repair Shop Options Online

The first thing that we would recommend you to do is to check the repair shop’s online reviews. The online reviews are always the best way to decide and select the right repair shop where you can get broken screen of your iPad Mini repaired. It can be a bad sign if they are not listed on digital platforms and forums like Google Business and Yelp. Also, check if they have a Facebook and or Twitter pages, to see what their previous customers are saying about their services.

If you can’t find any online feedback for the repair shop that you’ve selected, then it’s good to skip that repair shop option and look for another. Credible cellphone and tablet repair shops are usually forthcoming with their customers and accept their feedbacks gladly in public forums where the potential customers can check it. For example, Cell Clinic Vancouver is happy to receive online reviews from their customers – and currently have 500+ customer reviews on Google, and most of them are positive with a 5-star rating.

So, thoroughly research on Google and other social media platforms about the repair shop you’re considering for your iPad Mini screen repair. It will help you to select the best iPad Mini Screen repair shop in Vancouver.

2. Discuss Pricing

Credible iPad repair shops are always transparent about their pricing. If you find that they have listed their repair prices online, like CellClinic has listed on their website, then that’s a positive sign.

Now when it comes to the price for repairing iPad Mini screen in Vancouver, the actual cost depends on your location and the local shop you choose to go with, but the going rate should be fairly consistent across the range of repair shops that you are considering. You will probably find a high price, medium and low price options.

Cell Clinic charges $259 for iPad Mini 4 screen repair, and that includes front glass, touchscreen LCD and the digitizer. Click here to See pricing for more iPad Models Screen Repairs.

We would recommend that you book your online iPad Screen repair today at Cell Clinic Vancouver to get the broken / damaged screen of your iPad mini repaired at a great price and to claim an additional discount of $10 for booking online repair.

So, keep all of these points in mind while selecting the best iPad Mini Screen repair shop in Vancouver.

3. Quality Of Parts

Don’t hesitate to ask repair shops what kind of display parts they are going to use for the repair and where they come from.

No doubt, eBay and Amazon sell high-quality LCD display assembly for iPad mini, but that’s not the usual route that reputable cell phone repair shops take.

Some suppliers offer repair shops great deals on display assembly and other repair parts. The deal offered by suppliers mainly depends on the monthly order quantity. The more an iPad repair shop orders, the more discount they will get. Giant suppliers, like eBay or Amazon, generally don’t offer such deals.

Reputed iPad screen repair stores, like Cell Clinic Vancouver, are more concerned with delivering quality iPad screen repair services in Vancouver over saving a few bucks per screen repair.

4. Inspect Warranty Terms

Always select a repair shop that guarentees their work with a warranty to ensure a wise investment for their customers. A reputable iPad Mini screen repair shop will always warranty their work.

For example, at Cell Clinic Vancouver you will get an industry high one-year warranty on all iPad Mini screen repairs. Also, make sure that you know what exactly is covered under the warranty that a repair store is offering you with their service.

Discuss every aspect of the warranty one to one or over the phone with the repair store staff so that you understand all of the facts before you actually choose their service. This tip will surely help you to find the best iPad Mini screen repair shop in Vancouver.

5. Turnaround Time

Time is another important factor you must consider before selecting the best iPad Mini screen repair shop in Vancouver. Any reputable iPad screen shop, like Cell Clinic, will always define a reasonable turnaround time. At Cell Clinic, it won’t take more than 24 hours to get your iPad mini screen repair job done. However, the actual turnaround time depends on the extent of damages and whether other components of your device are also affected. Also, if there are people ahead of you in the repairs queue, then overall wait time could increase because most repair shops follow a “first come – first served” policy.

Overall, whatever iPad Mini screen repair shop you select in Vancouver should always offer you reasonable turnaround time and quality repair services within a defined time frame.


We hope this post will help you in selecting the best iPad Mini screen repair shop in Vancouver. Follow us to get read similar tips and updates related to cell phones and tablet repairs and purchases.

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