hot swappable battery

How Do Hot Swap Batteries Work?

Hot swap batteries are an excellent option to prolong device use in many healthcare settings. They keep you from having to stop and recharge devices at a wall outlet and interrupt workflow. Or worse, not have the equipment you need to do your job effectively. But with hot swappable batteries, you can keep going for hours without having to worry about running out of power.

Battery Change Out on the Go

A hot swappable battery is not permanently mounted to the device it is powering. It is a separate battery that can be changed out for a different battery, which allows users to keep their devices powered without plugging them into the wall.

Usually, these batteries sit on a platform and lock in place or hang from a hook and plug into the device. They are designed to be quick and easy to change out no matter what configuration you have.

Power Loss?

One of the apparent setbacks of changing out a battery while using a device is that you will lose power as soon as the battery is disconnected. There are a couple of ways of getting around that.

The first way is to have a device that will store a small amount of power internally so that it will not shut off immediately when the battery is removed. With this option, users have sufficient time to swap to a fresh one.

Another option is to have two batteries in a hot swap system. You swap them one at a time to avoid power loss.

How Do You Charge the Battery?

There are two ways to charge a hot swap battery. The first is in a wall unit. You place the battery into the unit and leave it to charge so it will be ready when you require the equipment.

A second way to charge these batteries is to plug the device into a wall socket when a hot swap battery is attached. This can be useful if you know you are not going to move the device for a long time, such as when it is put away for the night. Then you have a fully charged battery in the morning and more in the wall unit ready to go.

How Do I Know When to Change the Batteries?

Charge indicators will vary from device to device. You will have to check each one to find out its specific indicators.

The batteries themselves might have an indicator of their own. Some manufacturers make a hot swappable battery with an indicator panel that tells you how much charge is left. Some will also give an estimate of how much operable time is left on the battery.

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