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Gun Store Ownership: What Weapons Can You Sell?

Just like any other business, owning a business requires that the owner abide by certain laws and stipulations. When it comes to gun store ownership, the owner must first meet certain criteria before even opening the doors.

Guns are legal in all fifty states with each state having its own rules and regulations. It’s important to look at state regulations as well as federal regulations before jumping into store ownership. Let’s take a look some of the requirements to gun store ownership and weapons that can be sold.

Eligibility for Gun Store Ownership

Gun Store

Firearms are legal but controlled goods. This means there are stipulations on who can own guns in the United States. The ability to sell guns a privilege, not a right.

To own a gun, shop you must be able to legally purchase a gun. If you are not able to do so because you are a felon or for some other reason, then you will not be permitted to own a store which buys and sells firearms. This is in direct violation of firearm rules and regulations.

If at any point you break any firearm regulations your business license can be revoked, and fines and penalties may apply. For the safety of everyone, violation of gun laws is considered a very serious offense.

What Weapons Can I Sell?

Gun stores can sell a variety of weapons in their gun shop. There are as many different types of weapons as there are people to buy them. Every owner of the gun store must carry a firearms license giving them the right to buy and sell firearms.

Each state has its own laws concerning gun regulations. In general gun stores are allowed to carry handguns, including revolvers, single-shot handguns, and semi-automatics.

Gun store owners are allowed to carry a variety of rifles and shotguns including lever action, single-shot, bolt-action, and semi-automatic rifles. The type of guns store owners is allowed to sell in the store are dependent on the type of license held and vary from state to state.

Most gun stores do not just sell firearms. It is very common for gun stores to carry different types of weapons. Compound bows and crossbows can commonly be found in gun stores. Neither licenses or background checks are needed to sell or buy bows.

Before opening a gun store, be sure to look into state and federal laws concerning buying and selling guns and specifically which types of guns are permitted and which ones are either not allowed for public sale or require special licenses.

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