Five Mistakes People Make when Sizing a Motorcycle Helmet.

  1. Women’s helmets are sized the same as men’s helmets. Women’s helmets are just pink and purple and have little butterflies and shit on them. Many people also make the mistake of thinking “Oh, she’s a pretty small girl I should probably get her a really small helmet”.  Head sizes are weird and you can’t guess what size helmet you should get based on age, height or weight. I have already fit an 8-year-old girl for a helmet that took a size adult medium while her dad took an adult size small. You really do need to measure and compare that measurement to the manufacturer’s size chart to get the best fit.

  2. A helmet should be snug when you put it on. It will loosen up about a half a size after it’s been worn a few times. Many times people will think that a helmet is too small because it fits tighter than their old helmet. Since there old helmet is probably several years old this is perfectly normal.
  3. Often people who follow a size chart to purchase a helmet feel that the helmet is to tight. In reality, they actually do have the correct helmet. Arai, one of the most quality helmets available did a study a few years ago where they asked people to choose the size that “felt the best” for them. In many cases, the test subjects were choosing a helmet that is up to two sizes too big for them.
  4. “The helmet hurts when I put it on”. This is often a line that we hear when fitting people for helmets and is a very poor gauge whether you have the correct size or not. The true test is how the helmet feels once it’s on your head. I have larger than normal ears and pretty much every helmet that I put on smashes them when taking it on and off. Once the helmet is one though it fits fine. In many cases, a helmet will be produced in just two or three shell sizes. The X-Small, Small, and Medium will have one common shell and the Large, X-Large and 2X-Large will have a second shell. The difference being the thickness of padding inside the shell that tailors the fit. So if you think that going from a Large to an X-Large will make the helmet easier to get on and off in many cases it won’t.
  5. “The helmet is too small, it squishes my cheeks”. That’s probably the second most common line that we hear when fitting a helmet. Head sizes and shapes come in an infinite array and variety. Some people have wider jawlines than others. When you measure to get the correct size of helmet you measure just above the eyebrow around the largest part of the back of the head, because that’s where your brain is. If you’re in a crash which would you rather protect, your brain or your jaw? If a helmet fits the top of your head but squishes your cheeks too much you would be better served by getting some thinner cheek pads rather than going up to the next size helmet that will be too large on the top of your head.
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