Toner Cartridges

Five Easy Ways to Refill Your Inkjet and Toner Cartridges at Home

1. If one is willing to try out Do-it-yourself work, it is a simple matter to refill inkjet and toner cartridges at home itself. The kit for refilling looks a bit overwhelming. But, actually speaking, working it out is not such a difficult matter. In fact, it is no rocket science at all. Also, certain ink producers have come up with a set of printers which have ink tanks which are required to be refilled yourself. Such makes include the Canon Mega tank and the Epson Eco tank variety. However, the ink refilling pans out well in time, these printers are a bit heavy on the pocket speaking initially. For our usual inkjet printer refilling, one first needs to prep up the work space. Place a few paper towels in this space, wear a pair of plastic gloves, and some working clothes.

2. Most of the cartridges available in the market today are the type which have a small reservoirs of ink encased in a shell made of plastic. One needs to drill a small-size opening at the top portion of the cartridge. This side usually has a label stuck on it. Peel off the sticker and create a hole here with the drill which is usually encased in the kit. At times, the cartridge may have a hole in it already which one may make use of.

3. Try out if the hole is a workable one or not. Insert a syringe in it and see to it that it moves around freely in it. Inject a bit of ink from the ink container into the cartridge, albeit slowly. Whenever you find the ink bubbling out of the created hole, it is if the cartridge is already full of ink or it has some air trapped inside it. To cross-check this, take out some of the ink from the cartridge. If air was trapped inside, it will come out in this manner. If not, the cartridge is full of ink.

4. A few of the kits have plastic stoppers in them. These are required to fit exactly into the hole you have made. If not, you can cover up the hole with some tape instead. It is not exactly necessary to cover up the hole. This is because most of the cartridges are placed with the label side facing upwards. However, if such is the case, you should be careful to not turn the printer upside down at any cost. Or else, you will have a major spillage issue to contend with!

5. Now is the time to clean the head of the printer and have a trial run. The printer head is the point where the ink comes in contact with the papers. Try running the printer, the end result should be a neat and tidy printed page. Before this, dab the head of the printer with a piece of cloth. If you find blotting or spotting on the trial page, dab the head again with the cloth piece.

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