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What Are the Most Efficient Amazon Product Revenue Calculator Tools Available in 2018?

Every Amazon seller keeps searching always… maybe for a good product to sell or for any efficient tool for research. Whenever it comes to calculating FBA fees or a product profitability, a seller requires a reliable Amazon product revenue calculator. There are many tools for calculation FBA fees and revenue. This is the short review of the most efficient and recommended Amazon calculator tools.

Fulfillment by Amazon Revenue Calculator

This tool is run by Amazon. It is a web application, so it doesn’t require any installation. Just visit Profitability Calculator on Seller Central website and use it. You will need to enter a product name, UPC, EAN, ISBN, or ASIN. After which you will require to enter certain details like item price, shipping cost, product cost and so on. This calculator allows getting the calculation for FBA and for FBM as well. This tool is quite comprehensive. So, if you want something quick and convenient it is better to try a different tool.

Revenue Calculator from AMZScout

With AMZScout you will have few options. First of all, you can use web application on the AMZScout website. There, you will need to enter ASIN or to paste product URL (which is faster and easier than hunting for ASIN number) and select Amazon marketplace. Once you click Search button, you will see the product details and a simple calculator where you need to enter the cost of shipping to Amazon, product cost, estimated monthly sales. This calculator is very simple and it is absolutely free.

If you want something more comfortable you can try AMZScout FBA Calculator extension for Chrome. Once the installation is completed, you will find a small button on the top right of your Chrome browser, just next to the address bar. To check product revenue calculations, you will need to open a product page on Amazon and click the extension button. Some of the advantages of this extension are that it does not require to enter many numbers like the official calculator from Amazon and it calculates Margin Impact and ROI. Margin Impact and ROI are important indicators that help to analyze product profitability. Another great advantage is that this tool is completely free to use.

Also, you can use FBA revenue calculator which is included in the AMZScout Pro extension for Chrome. This extension is not free but has many useful features for product research.


Viral Launch Revenue Calculator

Viral Launch revenue calculator is similar to AMZScout web calculator. To calculate FBA fees and revenue you will need to enter ASIN or to paste product URL. You can also enter landed unit cost though it is optional. After you click Calculate button, you will see the product details, referral fee, Amazon fees and monthly profit. Additional advanced settings are hidden behind the “Edit Advanced Settings” button. The best feature of this calculator is that you can compare the fees and revenue of few different products. Just press “+” or “Add another product” button.

Every seller can pick any of these Amazon product revenue calculators. They are the most effective tools we found to calculate Amazon product fees and revenue. Use any of them to improve your Amazon business in 2018!

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