To Dig or Not to Dig? Sewer Line Repair & Replacement in Oklahoma City, OK

Are you facing sewer related issues in Oklahoma City, OK? If the answer is yes, you are not alone. Each year property owners have problems with their sewer system. If you are in this group and are faced with issues, your first thought is probably to hire a sewer repair company. But before you pick up that phone, there are some things you need to know. Today, we are going to learn how sewer repair and replacement has changed.

To Dig or Not to Dig?

If you research trenchless sewer repair in Oklahoma City, OK, you will find two different schools of thought. First, you will find some companies offering traditional sewer replacement and repair that requires digging. The second option you will find is those company offering a more advanced service that requires little to no digging. So if you are thinking of having sewer repair or replacement conducted soon, you might want to pay close attention to this helpful information.This is known as trenchless sewer repair or replacement. Below we are going to learn why trenchless sewer repair is often preferred over traditional sewer repair.

  • No digging means less mess: Trenchless sewer repair is conducted using small access holes. A replacement pipe liner is pulled or blow into position. Then this soft epoxy liner is hardened in place using UV light, hot water, or other methods. During this process, no digging is required saving your lawn from being destroyed. Many of us spent years of work into our lawns getting them just right. That’s why not having to start all over is always an added benefit.
  • It’s cost effective: As we learned above, traditional sewer repair requires a lot of digging. This excavation process costs a lot of money and can drive up the cost of your repair or replacement. Since trenchless sewer repair requires no digging, you will save more money. Additionally, there is less labor required which is another reason your repair bill will be much less.
  • It’s much faster: Trenchless sewer repair or replacement can be conducted in as little as one day. This time-saving method allows you, the property owner, to get back to normal quicker. Once the sewer liner has been hardened, in just a few hours you can start using your sewer system again. This can be very important for those families with kids.
  • It will greatly improve flow: Since the epoxy replacement liner has a smooth surface, your flow will be improved. This will also help protect your drain line from building up those clogs that are all too common with traditional drains. Improvement in flow will also help your toilets flush faster and your drains empty quicker.
  • It lasts for many years: Trenchless sewer replacement and repair lasts for many years. In fact, many property owners see decades of worry free service after they have had trenchless sewer repair conducted. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your investment is a long lasting one.
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