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How can a criminal lawyer help you in clearing your record in Kitchener?

There are numerous different methods, in which a Kitchener criminal lawyer can help in clearing a criminal record for one of their clients. One method is through a separate agency. A criminal lawyer in Kitchener can aid in gathering the correct documentation and other resources that are needed for a client to clear their record. However, instead of a lawyer applying for the record clear in regards to the client, an independent agency is responsible for this step. For example, Pardons Canada is an independent organization that retrieves the needed documentation for an individual wishing to clear their record. One must also be mindful of the record suspension timeline set in place. For instance, a withdrawn, dismissed or acquitted charge is accompanied by a 5 month wait period to be eligible to apply for the pardon.

Similarity, a conditional discharge has a 3 year wait period, a summary conviction has a 5 year wait period, and an indictable conviction has a 10 year wait period. It is recommended that a curious client infer on the correct waiting period timeline from their experienced criminal lawyer in Kitchener. Another way a criminal lawyer in Kitchener can aid in clearing a client’s record is through the use of their experience and particular specialization in expungement. The first step would be to contact a Kitchener criminal lawyer and explain to them your unique situation. You may be applying for a job, seeking a bank loan for a start-up company, attempting to gain volunteer roles or searching for a place to rent. These simple tasks can be a far reach for one who may have a criminal record.

This is why it is crucial to explain the situation at hand and infer on how the criminal lawyer in Kitchener can assist you. Many successful criminal lawyers in Kitchener who either have experience in or specialize in expungement can work wonders for your legal predicament. Indeed, many clients in Kitchener have had success in turning a felony charge to a misdemeanour, a misdemeanour to an infraction, obtaining an expungement for a misdemeanour or felony, and even a motion for factual innocence in efforts to seal the record. We now have a structured idea of how a criminal lawyer can help in clearing one’s record but what are the major steps that occur within this process. Before we dive into the three main steps it is absolutely necessary that a client chooses a lawyer who is utmost transparent and guides the client throughout every step in the pardon process with close support.

The first step is data collection. This step involves the collection of important records and documentation, which can include fingerprints, police reports and so on. The next step is data analysis. The data is analyzed primarily by the Parole Board of Canada, since this board is the only organization who can award a pardon. Essentially, the data is analyzed to decide on the most accurate pardon procedure and outcome. The final step is the pardon application. Once the file has been approved the individual will then be allowed to submit their application to the Parole Board of Canada for evaluation. One must remember that they can only apply for a record suspension (i.e. pardon) once they have finished the waiting period for the specific charge as previously mentioned. By following the above procedures and contacting a highly experienced expungement criminal lawyer in Kitchener, one can be confident that their desired outcome is likely, however it all depends.

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