What Are the Best Vitamins for Muscle Soreness?

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Muscle soreness is an inevitable side effect of strenuous exercise or activity, especially after you’re not used to using your muscles in such a capacity for long periods of time. Also known as “muscle fever,” muscle soreness is defined as a stiff pain occurring in your muscles that can last between one and three days after overworking your muscles. The reason your muscles become sore after such action is because they are quickly working to adjust to the pace at which you’re working them to prevent damage. (more…)

Pharmaceutical Supplements that Help Treat a Herniated Disc


The spine is made up of bones (the vertebrae) and cushiony discs (spinal discs). The discs cushion the space between each vertebra, allowing the spine to move and bend freely without pain.

These spinal discs are made of tissue and water, with the thicker, outside tissue protecting the softer inside tissue.

When one of these discs becomes herniated, or slipped, it means the soft inner layer has managed to push out through the tough outer layer.

This can cause pain, inflammation, and pressure in the back, especially when the herniated disc is near a nerve.

Back pain is the most common medical complaint doctors hear, and herniated or bulging discs make up a large percentage of the complaints.

Symptoms of a herniated disc include numbness or tingling in the back, arm and leg pain that radiates out from the back, and general back pain.

Herniated disc medication such as pain relievers and anti-inflammatories are common treatments prescribed for herniated discs.

However, these treatments can often be addicting or carry hefty side effects. Many people choose to seek out alternative treatment options instead.

Supplements to Treat a Herniated Disc

Often, our bodies can self-heal if given the right tools. Supplements can enable the body to repair itself and aid in the relief of pain caused by a herniated disc. This provides natural relief from discomfort.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C has been found to be one of the most powerful vitamins in empowering the body to work at its best. Vitamin C is necessary for collagen production in the body.

Collagen helps the body build tissues and bind them together. This can aid the herniated disc by repairing the tear that allowed the bulging tissue to break through.


Bone broth is a great way to get supplemental proteins. In fact, bone broth is high in both antioxidants and proteins, which each strengthens the muscle. These supplements can enhance the tissue repair needed for your herniated disc.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate

These oral supplements have been studied in clinical trials and have been shown to be effective in countering the damage of a herniated disc.

It is believed that they aid in the regeneration of tissue, essentially repairing the damaged tissue. They also help prevent further damage to the tissue that has been torn.

Other helpful supplements for tissue repair include Omega-3 fish oils, zinc, copper, and B vitamins. All of these can help the body repair itself, which means they are an all-natural herniated disc treatment option.

Your chiropractor can help you learn more about the supplements that aid in herniated disc repair, and they can offer nutritional counseling to help you reach and maintain optimal health.

Insertional Achilles Tendonitis Taping and How it can Help

Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles injuries are common, even among people with relatively sedentary lifestyles. The cause of Achilles tendonitis is wear and tear on the Achilles tendon, which can be caused by sports injuries, repetitive injuries such as standing on tiptoes, or even intensive movement while wearing high-heels. Certain existing conditions and medications can also increase the risk of tendonitis. Since the Achilles tendon runs between the heel and the calf, it can make movement difficult and dramatically decrease the quality of life. (more…)

10 Ways Cosmetic Dentistry in Michigan City Benefits Your Health and Wellness

Cosmetic Dentistry

The numerous procedures that are considered to be cosmetic dentistry in Michigan City offer benefits to your health and wellness that can improve not just your smile, but your overall wellbeing and lifestyle. Cosmetic dental treatments can make maintaining good oral hygiene easier, boost confidence and improve your social and professional life. (more…)

What Does the Declaration Beyond a Reasonable Doubts?

Beyond a Reasonable Doubts

The legal term “beyond a reasonable doubt” has major significance in the field of law, especially in criminal proceedings. In the realm of criminal proceedings in the US, the prosecutor has to bear the burden in order to prove the guilt of the defendant “beyond a reasonable doubt”. The crimes of which a person has been accused of must be proved by a prosecutor. The propositions or the facts that are presented in the proceedings must be proven in such a manner and extent, to the jury, that there are no reasons or doubts regarding the guilt of a particular person, in the minds of a reasonable person.

After the proceedings are completed and still there arises, no matter how small of a doubt which could affect the “guilt” belief for a person, then the burden of proving the same, the onus has not been met. The guilt has, therefore, not been proven.

If after the criminal proceedings, the Honourable Jury members or the judge have no major doubts, and the only minor doubts the have are unreasonable, the prosecution has made their point and fulfilled their onus, therefore, the defendant is now to be pronounced Guilty.

The legal term is directly related to the term “moral certainty”, which means beyond any dispute or without any alternative reasons. The pieces of evidence in the proceedings are such that no doubt should exist after the proceedings are over, no doubts should arise regarding the guilt of the accused.

It is, therefore, a very high standard of proof which is supposed to meet in all legal trials. In most cases, this legal fact is seen to be a part of criminal law, however, in certain civil litigations, the legal concept “beyond a reasonable doubt” The prime reason as to why the concept is used in criminal legal proceedings is because in such proceedings there arises a deprivation of the liberty for a defendant, which can also lead to their death. The outcomes in a criminal proceeding are far more severe than in the case of a civil proceeding, where monetary reimbursements are a common solution. Thus, in various criminal proceedings, where clear evidence has convincing enough to establish the probability of the defendant’s fate, the concept is of utmost importance.The honorable jury members are supposed to apply this concept in the United States when they are trying to determine the innocence and guilt of a defendant.

It must be noted that not all evidence is to be proven to make a point to prove the defendant guilty. All kinds of evidence are supposed to be authentic, however, the onus of proving the authenticity does not lie on the prosecution. If any objections are raised to the pieces of evidence presented, the objecting and defending party should come forward along with pieces of evidence to prove the first ones otherwise. If proven otherwise, the authenticity of the given evidence in the court of law shall be decided by the Honourable Judge. Therefore, all the confessions, whether coerced or not, all kinds of legally and illegally seized evidence, and all kinds of statement that have been extracted from various sources are to be scrutinized first.