4 Rules to Prevent Eye Damage from Color Blend Lenses

Color Blend Lenses

There’s no way around it—you put yourself at an increased risk of eye damage when you wear contact lenses. Unfortunately, contact lenses offer too many benefits over traditional glasses that make them so much more appealing and admittedly, worth the risk. You might be worried by the statistics that contact lens wearers experience eye infections and other eye problems at a higher rate than those who do not wear contacts, but that’s no reason to turn your back on the vision correctors for good. In fact, there are certain steps that you can take to prevent eye damage from color blend lenses and other contacts. Keep reading to learn the four rules for preventing eye damage from color blend lenses.

1) Get a Professional Opinion First

The first rule when it comes to wearing color blend lenses is to have a professional involved. You might just need a pair of color contact lenses for a costume or to change your look for a much anticipated first date, but you shouldn’t just order a cheap pair online. In fact, it’s essential to have your eye doctor in the loop from the start. A month or so before your big event, see your eye doctor to get fitted and ensure that you’re getting the right size, shape, and prescription.

2) Properly Care for Your Contact Lenses

If you want to avoid getting eye damage from wearing colored contact lenses you need to be sure that you are properly taking care of them. That means you should only wear them the recommended length of time, dispose of them according to the guidelines, and be sure to clean them properly. Doing this can help you avoid painful and costly eye damage.

3) Do Not Sleep in Contact Lenses Overnight

Another important rule to follow in order to prevent eye damage when wearing colored contact lenses is to never wear them overnight unless they are specifically designed for it. Forgetting to take contact lenses out is common, but it can lead to increased eye irritation and risk of eye damage.

4) Address Any Issues Immediately

Finally, if you are having issues with your color blend lenses it is important to see a professional eye doctor right away. If you feel any irritation, dryness, burning or pain, see your doctor. There are certain issues that need to be treated right away to avoid permanent eye damage so it’s best not to wait.

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Our Favorite Garmin Marine Products

Garmin Marine Products

Garmin has been at the top of the marine game since its inception in 1989. The brand has since expanded into an array of different industries, including automotive, outdoor, aviation and a recent dive into wearable technology with smartwatches that compete against top names in the tech industry.

Their Garmin boat GPS, fishfinders, radars, and other communication instruments are renowned for their accuracy and reliability, earning Garmin marine products a place at the table among the best marine instrument companies. This brand has as a consequence become very well respected by both marine amateurs and professionals, earning a reputation for developing both revolutionary products as well as sturdy and long-lasting classics.

Although it is difficult to pick a few, we showcase our favorite three Garmin products: the Panoptix, Garmin VHF Radios, and their GPS systems.

Garmin Panoptix and Panoptix LiveScope

Garmin Panoptix sonars showcase what this brand is capable of. With Panoptix, they created the first live-feed sonar scanner in the industry; these technologies allow boat owners to see their surroundings in real time, for fishing or navigation purposes.

As the new arrival to the game, the Panoptix LiveScope has perfected live transmission, to the point that fishers can distinguish between different species of fish. Garmin has described the LiveScope as a mixture between scanning sonars and live sonars. Depending on fishing techniques and preferences, Garmin offers both forward and down-facing variations of the technology.

VHF Radio Systems

Having a Very High Frequency (VHF) radio system is of paramount importance for safety and navigation. If anything goes wrong, a reliable radio system can be a lifesaver.

We like to recommend Garmin radios because while their quality is ensured across the board, they offer a full range of radios for all budgets and preferences. Even their most basic radios are fully specced; some of the more professional models also come with Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) and visualizations, ensuring you are fully aware of your surroundings and can visualize nearby objects and boats with ease.

Garmin GPS Products

Garmin Marine GPS products are what make Garmin so famous, even outside of the marine industry. Their GPS systems are highly reliable and robust, withstanding the wear and tear of the marine life. This brand’s GPS maps are used by competitive boaters and industry professionals, meaning they are fully accurate as well.

Garmin’s chartplotters are known for their intuitive user interface, making course-setting and navigation into an easy task even for the most amateur boaters.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to mention ActiveCaptain, Garmin’s flagship connectivity mobile app, that allows boaters to control many of their compatible instruments through using their phone. This type of innovation is what guarantees Garmin’s connectivity and compatibility across devices, as well as the ruggedness and accuracy of their navigation products, making them a brand worth looking out for.

Algorithmic Trading with Forex Robots

The one thing the German people have always gotten right is their fine attention to detail and precision engineering. Like a finely tuned engine we start our journey with the intertwined bodies of Forex mathematics and surgical precision.

In the same way that a new Mercedes Benz devours corners, a systematic Forex robot will allow you to smoke profits all day long by removing human constraints, like a need to sleep, which takes the edge off having to drink so much Red Bull and therefore maximize your portfolio’s returns.

What is an algorithm?

An algorithm is a set of instructions that need to be followed in a step by step process to complete a task. Algorithms form part of our everyday life and more importantly when combined with a programming language they become a powerful tool in order to get a machine to complete tasks.

In terms of Forex trading, a user will program a trading strategy and then back test it to analyze the statistical validity of the system. It will then be tested using walk forward analysis and then once the Forex robot has been optimized a user will test it with real money.

Types of trading systems

In terms of trading there are 2 categories of systems, discretionary and systematic which are explained below:

Discretionary systems:

A discretionary system is a method of Forex trading that relies on the experience and decision process of the portfolio manager. For example: a manager will look at several economic conditions and a few technical indicators and then use his discretion to place a trade that he/she believes will be profitable.

Systematic system:

As the name suggests a systematic trading system follows an algorithm which is broken down into an alpha generating model and a risk model in order to place trades that the system has deemed to have a statistical edge / validity. For example: a simple alpha model like the moving average cross over strategy can be combined with a fixed fractional risk management model in order to generate profits in a trending market.

Who uses trading algorithms?

Trading algorithms are used by several Forex market participants.

To tell the truth, anyone can develop an algorithmic trading robot and implement it, but the problem lies in developing the necessary skill set. For starters you will have to learn how to program and have a firm grasp on mathematics, its developing these skills that thins the herd.
Some Forex traders simply don’t have the time to learn a programming language yet alone how to perform tests of statistical validity.
However, it would be wise to note that automated Forex trading is gaining more and more popularity with over 70% of trading volumes, in the American markets, being generated from trading algorithms.

Black Boxes:

A black box is a trading system or a portion of a system that the user has no inside knowledge, nor can he/she gain that knowledge. It is the part of a system that the developer doesn’t want to share with the outside world – adding a flare of intellectual property and secrecy.
Once the data has been processed the black box will generate buy or sell signals that the end user can use to achieve the set goal.
Note: this follows programming 101 which builds on the garbage in = garbage out rule. If the variables the user inputs in the first phase are garbage then the output will be exactly the same – garbage.

Types of algorithms used in trading:

1. Automated trading

By programming specific Forex trading strategies users can take advantage of a quick and emotionless expert advisor controlled environment. These strategies mainly range between: trending, relative value and mean reversion.

2. High frequency trading / low latency trading

These types of algorithms try to take advantage of price movement and discrepancies that are too fast for the human mind to react to. Their key focus is on the market micro structure.

Some institutions have different needs that are able to be fulfilled by the right algorithm. For example: some banks trade large positions – so large in fact that the order influences the price – an institution may require a trading algorithm that through a complex process of buying and selling small lots (breaking down the order size into a smaller size) is able to reduce the footprint left on the market such a large order.

In Conclusion:

We have taken the next step in evolution by giving birth to machines that sit behind the grinding stone and labor away for us. This is the process of implementing the logical decision making algorithms into computers that remove human error and emotions, like fear and greed.
This is where Forex robots, or expert advisors play a significant role in the market today. Whether or not you make the leap to take advantage of them is another story altogether.

How Crowns Attach to Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Crowns are usually ceramic porcelain caps that cover broken or discolored teeth, restoring them to an original state. They can be used to protect teeth from further damage or used for dental implants. Dental implant crown restoration refers to the process of a dental implant where the crown is secured to the implant, forming an artificial tooth. Because crowns are 100% customized and durable, they are a long-lasting solution to a brighter smile.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are an excellent long-term solution to replace a missing tooth. Each implant begins with a titanium post that surgically embedded in the jawbone. An abutment then connects to the titanium post and links it to the crown. A crown can be attached to the abutment and post by cement or a screw.

Cementing a Crown

Cemented crowns are ideal for their aesthetically pleasing result. They are commonly used for any teeth visible while smiling.

The downside is that there is a risk the cement may cause inflammation and even bone loss if it interacts badly with the gum and bone tissue. As well, if the implant needs any repairs, cemented crowns for a dental implant crown restoration are challenging to remove. To access the screw that connects the abutment and the post, a dentist may need to drill through the crown and then either cosmetically repair the crown or replace it all together.

Screw-Retained Crown

Choosing a screw for dental implant crown restoration generally has the advantage that it is easier to remove for any needed future repairs. A screw also means there is a lower risk of damage to the implant when repairs or a crown replacement is required.
However, the downside is that the screw option may be less desirable from a cosmetic standpoint. To secure a crown using a screw, the access hole may appear noticeable even after it has been filled in with tooth-colored filling. As well, there is a risk the crown may chip around the access hole.

Making the Best Choice

The choice between cement or a screw to secure a crown in a dental implant will likely depend on factors of where the implant is, whether there is a reaction to the cement or if the dentist has a preference. Though the titanium post will often last a lifetime, a porcelain crown will need repair or replacement at some point due to their use in the mouth over time. At the time of the initial consult for a dental implant crown restoration, options will be discussed to find out which form of attachment will work best. The reality is that the result will be a newer and fresher set of teeth than the ones before.

4 Overlooked Remedies for Back Pain Relief

Remedies for Back Pain Relief

Back pain is a global phenomenon that will negatively affect over 80% of the adult population at least once in their lives. You’ve probably experienced it yourself. In fact, you might be experiencing it right now. If you’ve already unsuccessfully tried conventional methods for back pain relief, such as stretching, exercising and applying hot and cold compresses, the next four overlooked remedies should help make back pain healing an easier part of your life.

  • Switch Your Shoes

Shoes come in all shapes and sizes, and unfortunately, most of them are not designed with back health in mind (think high heels and flip-flops). If you’re wearing the wrong kind of shoes, you can expect to experience some back pain. Properly fitting shoes that offer adequate support can significantly reduce discomfort. A foot specialist or podiatrist can recommend something that better fits not only your foot but also your lifestyle.

  • Make Changes to your Workstation

People spend a lot of their time at work, but for some reason, they don’t take the time to be as comfortable as they would in their own homes. If straining and slouching are typical components of your work day, an ergonomic workstation could be the answer to some of your problems. If you are a desk jockey, adjust your chair or move your computer screen until it is at eye level. If you are more active and lifting items is part of your job description, make sure you squat and lift with your legs, not your back.

  • Reduce and Manage Stress

Stress seems to be the culprit for many of our daily problems, and back pain is no different. It can cause not only muscle tension but painful spasms as well. Exercises such as mindfulness meditation and deep breathing can both help calm your mind and allow your body to manage the pain. Progressive muscle relaxation, starting from your toes and finishing with your neck and shoulders, can also help alleviate regular back pain. Reducing and managing stress is not only great for your life overall, but also a good method to heal back pain naturally in Waterford, MI.

  • Get Enough Sleep (The Right Way)

An adequate amount of sleep won’t help if your spine is out of line the entire time. Remember, quality is more important than quantity. If you sleep on your back, your pillow should be supportive enough, so your back and neck maintain a straight line. If you sleep on your side, try placing an extra pillow between your knees. Either way, it is important to make sure you get enough sleep each night. Most experts recommend 7-9 hours for adults.

How Long Does it Take To Recover From Cataract Surgery?

Cataract Eye Surgery

Deciding on Cataract Eye Surgery

Cloudy vision caused by cataracts can make everyday tasks laborious and difficult, but due to advances in cataract eye surgery, it’s possible for individuals affected by these gradually developing vision issues to regain control of their eyesight. Once experiencing eye pain, headaches, or sudden vision impairment, surgery can become the best option, so it’s important to understand what kind of recovery is to be expected following the procedure.

Timeline of Surgery

As with most surgeries, patients’ recuperation can vary based on a number of health and lifestyle factors. Some of those who undergo cataract eye surgery may begin to see well within a day after the procedure. However, most patients will need several days, weeks or even a little over a month to attain their maximum vision improvement. Patients will be able to return home the same day of surgery and will be sent with a pad and plastic shield to over the eyes. These can be removed the day after surgery.

Anticipate Time Off

The recovery process should be taken seriously. It’s best to plan at least for a week or two off from obligations that require bending the head below the waist, lifting more than 10 pounds, or strenuous activity that causes one to hold his or her breath. These actions can cause extreme pressure inside the eye and result in the incision tearing open.

Maintenance After Surgery

While some patients might start to see more clearly shortly after surgery, it’s still recommended that they keep their eyes covered up, using either eyeglasses or an eye shield. It’s crucial that the eyes aren’t bumped or rubbed after cataract eye surgery, as even the slightest pressure to the eye could open the incision and damage progress. To control inflammation and prevent infection in the weeks after surgery, patients are given antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eye drops.

What to Expect

It’s not common that vision will return directly following surgery, but feeling should start to return to the eyes within a few hours of the procedure. Some side effects that are common after cataract eye surgery include grittiness, watering, blurred or double vision, and red or bloodshot eyes. Due to the high success rate of the surgery, patients can expect to return to normal activities such as driving within weeks of the procedure.

Why Cataract Eye Surgery is Worth It

When deciding on whether or not to undergo eye surgery, consider the long-term benefits over the days or weeks spent during the recovery time. Although patients with vision impairments might experience moments of frustration in the rehabilitation phase, the outcomes of vibrant imagery and seeing crystal-clear facial expressions of loved ones should be an incentive to schedule cataract eye surgery.

Hospital Carts and Power Options

mobile powered equipment cart

Healthcare professionals use mobile powered equipment carts as they move from patient to patient. These mobile carts enable the provider to offer the best in patient care. They allow the provider immediate and simultaneous access to the patient and their records. They prevent the need to carry bulky records from station to bed, and they keep the patient’s records accurate and in one place for all the providers involved. (more…)

Gun Store Ownership: What Weapons Can You Sell?

Gun Store

Just like any other business, owning a business requires that the owner abide by certain laws and stipulations. When it comes to gun store ownership, the owner must first meet certain criteria before even opening the doors.

Guns are legal in all fifty states with each state having its own rules and regulations. It’s important to look at state regulations as well as federal regulations before jumping into store ownership. Let’s take a look some of the requirements to gun store ownership and weapons that can be sold.

Eligibility for Gun Store Ownership

Gun Store

Firearms are legal but controlled goods. This means there are stipulations on who can own guns in the United States. The ability to sell guns a privilege, not a right.

To own a gun, shop you must be able to legally purchase a gun. If you are not able to do so because you are a felon or for some other reason, then you will not be permitted to own a store which buys and sells firearms. This is in direct violation of firearm rules and regulations.

If at any point you break any firearm regulations your business license can be revoked, and fines and penalties may apply. For the safety of everyone, violation of gun laws is considered a very serious offense.

What Weapons Can I Sell?

Gun stores can sell a variety of weapons in their gun shop. There are as many different types of weapons as there are people to buy them. Every owner of the gun store must carry a firearms license giving them the right to buy and sell firearms.

Each state has its own laws concerning gun regulations. In general gun stores are allowed to carry handguns, including revolvers, single-shot handguns, and semi-automatics.

Gun store owners are allowed to carry a variety of rifles and shotguns including lever action, single-shot, bolt-action, and semi-automatic rifles. The type of guns store owners is allowed to sell in the store are dependent on the type of license held and vary from state to state.

Most gun stores do not just sell firearms. It is very common for gun stores to carry different types of weapons. Compound bows and crossbows can commonly be found in gun stores. Neither licenses or background checks are needed to sell or buy bows.

Before opening a gun store, be sure to look into state and federal laws concerning buying and selling guns and specifically which types of guns are permitted and which ones are either not allowed for public sale or require special licenses.

How To Select The Best iPad Mini Screen Repair Shop In Vancouver

Do you think it’s difficult to find and select the best iPad Mini screen repair shop in Vancouver? Don’t worry; we are here to help make things easier for you.

We know that without AppleCare+ plan the iPad Mini screen replacement through Apple Store can be expensive. Also, if you don’t want to proceed with a DIY repair, then you your only other option will be to find a repair shop that’s either local or accepts mail-ins to perform iPad screen repair for you.

There are many local cell phone and tablet repair shops in Vancouver, British Columbia – where you can get your iPad Mini screen repaired. But, are they genuine and do they deliver quality repair services? Maybe, maybe not. Thus, it’s necessary that you learn the art of selecting the best iPad Mini Screen repair shop in Vancouver.

Below in this post we will provide you with some useful tips on, “How to Select The Best iPad Screen Repair Shop in Vancouver.”

1. Do Some Homework And Research The Best Cell Phone & Tablet Repair Shop Options Online

The first thing that we would recommend you to do is to check the repair shop’s online reviews. The online reviews are always the best way to decide and select the right repair shop where you can get broken screen of your iPad Mini repaired. It can be a bad sign if they are not listed on digital platforms and forums like Google Business and Yelp. Also, check if they have a Facebook and or Twitter pages, to see what their previous customers are saying about their services.

If you can’t find any online feedback for the repair shop that you’ve selected, then it’s good to skip that repair shop option and look for another. Credible cellphone and tablet repair shops are usually forthcoming with their customers and accept their feedbacks gladly in public forums where the potential customers can check it. For example, Cell Clinic Vancouver is happy to receive online reviews from their customers – and currently have 500+ customer reviews on Google, and most of them are positive with a 5-star rating.

So, thoroughly research on Google and other social media platforms about the repair shop you’re considering for your iPad Mini screen repair. It will help you to select the best iPad Mini Screen repair shop in Vancouver.

2. Discuss Pricing

Credible iPad repair shops are always transparent about their pricing. If you find that they have listed their repair prices online, like CellClinic has listed on their website, then that’s a positive sign.

Now when it comes to the price for repairing iPad Mini screen in Vancouver, the actual cost depends on your location and the local shop you choose to go with, but the going rate should be fairly consistent across the range of repair shops that you are considering. You will probably find a high price, medium and low price options.

Cell Clinic charges $259 for iPad Mini 4 screen repair, and that includes front glass, touchscreen LCD and the digitizer. Click here to See pricing for more iPad Models Screen Repairs.

We would recommend that you book your online iPad Screen repair today at Cell Clinic Vancouver to get the broken / damaged screen of your iPad mini repaired at a great price and to claim an additional discount of $10 for booking online repair.

So, keep all of these points in mind while selecting the best iPad Mini Screen repair shop in Vancouver.

3. Quality Of Parts

Don’t hesitate to ask repair shops what kind of display parts they are going to use for the repair and where they come from.

No doubt, eBay and Amazon sell high-quality LCD display assembly for iPad mini, but that’s not the usual route that reputable cell phone repair shops take.

Some suppliers offer repair shops great deals on display assembly and other repair parts. The deal offered by suppliers mainly depends on the monthly order quantity. The more an iPad repair shop orders, the more discount they will get. Giant suppliers, like eBay or Amazon, generally don’t offer such deals.

Reputed iPad screen repair stores, like Cell Clinic Vancouver, are more concerned with delivering quality iPad screen repair services in Vancouver over saving a few bucks per screen repair.

4. Inspect Warranty Terms

Always select a repair shop that guarentees their work with a warranty to ensure a wise investment for their customers. A reputable iPad Mini screen repair shop will always warranty their work.

For example, at Cell Clinic Vancouver you will get an industry high one-year warranty on all iPad Mini screen repairs. Also, make sure that you know what exactly is covered under the warranty that a repair store is offering you with their service.

Discuss every aspect of the warranty one to one or over the phone with the repair store staff so that you understand all of the facts before you actually choose their service. This tip will surely help you to find the best iPad Mini screen repair shop in Vancouver.

5. Turnaround Time

Time is another important factor you must consider before selecting the best iPad Mini screen repair shop in Vancouver. Any reputable iPad screen shop, like Cell Clinic, will always define a reasonable turnaround time. At Cell Clinic, it won’t take more than 24 hours to get your iPad mini screen repair job done. However, the actual turnaround time depends on the extent of damages and whether other components of your device are also affected. Also, if there are people ahead of you in the repairs queue, then overall wait time could increase because most repair shops follow a “first come – first served” policy.

Overall, whatever iPad Mini screen repair shop you select in Vancouver should always offer you reasonable turnaround time and quality repair services within a defined time frame.


We hope this post will help you in selecting the best iPad Mini screen repair shop in Vancouver. Follow us to get read similar tips and updates related to cell phones and tablet repairs and purchases.