Want to know whether your iPhone is unlocked or brand new? Here you’ve arrived at the right webpage. Today we will introduce you to 5 quick approaches that will help you to check the unlocked status of your iPhone.

It’s vital to know the unlocked status of your iPhone, mainly when you invest in a pre-owned iPhone, or if you purchase one from a local or online reseller. The best approach is to ask the seller to disable the “Find My iPhone” feature in the respective iPhone, and if seller hesitates or directly denies to do so, it’s good to move on and find out some other seller who is happy to do so. However, it becomes quite rude to proceed with this approach and the seller may win over with some bluff statements. So, here we are introducing you to 5 quick ways to check if your iPhone is unlocked or brand new.

5 Best And Quick Approaches To Check If Your iPhone Is Unlocked Or Brand New.

Approach: Check Unlock Status Of Your iPhone With A SIM Card

It’s one of the best ways to check if your iPhone is unlocked or brand new. This approach works very well with iPhone as it only needs to make a call with the respective iPhone that you want to check. However, you will need two SIM (subscriber identification module) cards both belonging to different carriers to proceed with this testing approach. But that’s not a problem as you can easily borrow a different carrier SIM card from your family member or a friend. Once you have two SIM cards with you, follow the below steps to proceed and check if your phone is unlocked or brand new.

Step 1: Switch of your iPhone device by pressing the sleep/wake button.

Step 2: Eject the current SIM card from your iPhone device using the ejector tool, safety pin or paper pin/clip. Once ejected, insert the second SIM.

Step 3: Once you’re done with above steps, switch ON your iPhone device and check if the second SIM Card is compatible with your device. You will see the name of the carrier at the top left corner of your iPhone screen if your device with accept the SIM card.

Step 4: This one is the final step that will define whether your iPhone is unlocked or brand new. So, make a call now to check the unlock status of your iPhone.

Step 5: If you’re still able to make a call with second SIM card, you have an unlocked iPhone. If not, then your iPhone is brand new or locked to your actual SIM card carrier.

Approach: Use IMEI Of Your iPhone To Check Its unlock Status

how to find me

This one another best way to check if your iPhone is unlocked or brand new. First of all, you will have to find IMEI number of your device.  Follow the below instructions if you don’t know how and where to get IMEI number of your iPhone. Settings >> General >> About >> IMEI.

That’s it – now you have IMEI number of your device. So, let’s proceed with the main steps to check if your iPhone is unlocked or brand new.

Step 1: There are many IMEI checkers available on the market that efficiently access and search Apple’s GSX databases. Simply Google with the keyword as “iPhone IMEI checkers,” and you will end up with various options to proceed. You can go with any of them. Also, remember that not all of those IMEI Checkers offer free services, some of them may charge you as well. So, proceed accordingly.

Step 2: That’s it. IMEI Checkers will reveal if your iPhone is unlocked or brand new.

Approach: Check Your iPhone Setting

iphone settings
If you want to proceed with the easiest way to check unlocked status of your iPhone, this one’s for you. Follow the steps and instructions that we have provided below, and you will surely be able to check if your iPhone is unlocked.

Step 1: Go to the settings of your iPhone device. You can do so by tapping on the settings app icon, which looks very similar to gear on a grey box.

Step 2: Go to “Cellular” or “Mobile” menu options by just tapping on it.

Note: if the language of your iPhone is set to UK English, you need to tap on ” Cellular Data” or “Mobile Data.”

Step 3: Now see if there is an option called “Cellular Data Network” or “Mobile Data Network.”  If this option exists there, that means your iPhone is unlocked. If not, then your iPhone is locked.

Note: This approach may not work efficiently for you in case if your carrier has provided a SIM card with accessibility to change APN of your iPhone device. So, in that case, proceed with the above or below listed approaches.

Approach: Call Your Carrier And Ask Them

customer care

This one is the most reliable ways to check if your iPhone is unlocked or brand new. Once you call and connect with an official customer care representative, ask them to check and reveal the unlocked status of your iPhone. They may need some information to proceed with your query. Generally, they ask for apple account password, IMEI number of your iPhone device before continuing with your query. So, be patient and wait for few minutes, they will help you out with your query and will reveal the unlock status of your iPhone shortly.  

Approach: Analyze Present Service Plan Of Your iPhone

If you’re using prepaid plan, then chances are your iPhone is unlocked. However, if you’ve signed any contract for two, three or more years, then you’re iPhone is probably carrier-locked for the defined period. Once you pay off the final bill and the contract terms/period have ended, you will be eligible to get your iPhone unlocked.


So that is all about how to discover if your iPhone is unlocked or brand new, including the best and quickest options. If you are shopping for an unlocked iPhone, check out our collection of certified pre-owned iPhones at our online shop– the CellClinic operates British Columbia’s premier mobile sales and service centres.
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