5 Focus areas Product Managers Need to Shine the Spotlight on their Skills

The product manager is the guiding force behind product success, defining the ‘why’, ‘when’ and ‘what’ of a product. You, as product manager, are a multi-talented wizard of Hogwarts proportions that combines multiple skills to transform ideas into reality. But as with many professionals, although expert at developing and launching new ideas, you may find yourself the hardest product to promote, and the resume the most challenging product to develop. As a multi-talented wiz-kid, you have so many skills worthy of squeezing into a resume but for the sake of clarity, and to keep the resume as brief, concise and impactful as possible let’s pick out 5 key Skills to focus.

Bear in mind that with all product manager resume it is much better when possible to not only state the skill but to prove capacity to utilize that skill, and highlight impact with measurable and evidential examples, but be selective don’t overload.

So, let’s look at five key focus areas:


As the driving force behind the product, you are ‘the’ or at least ‘a’ key player in establishing product direction and championing product vison and reason for being. To achieve this, you should try to highlight use of market analytics and tacking of metrics that support overall objectives, along with facilitation of collaboration with diverse and cross-functional teams to develop high impact and successful strategies.

Utilized CMR Data and market analysis to identify product new product enhancements that directly influenced x% increase in revenue and sales.

Fostered close collaboration with Marketing to define and develop ‘Product X’ go-to-market strategy.

Product Roadmap

Like all the best product managers, the products in your care need nurturing to help them grow and reach their full potential. You are experienced or possess the capacity to envision the product’s roadmap and steer its communication and execution.

Defined, managed and updated product roadmap, expertly managing trade-offs and competing priorities.

Release Management

Here is the opportunity to underscore your team leadership skills and ability to effectively apply sound methodologies such as Agile and Waterfall to translate your product strategy into reality. Possible areas to highlight are team meetings, technical work prioritization, development of user stories and release notes, and release cycle process management

Coordinated the Professional Services Group (PSG) activities including working with development and testing resources to validate code prior to launch


One of your key attributes is to show your entrepreneurial vision, and ability to use customer feedback, market insight, peer input to generate ideas, determine viability, and select those that will advance product success. It is well worth highlight your involvement in collaborating with internal teams and stakeholders to generate idea that align with strategy, together with demonstrating ability and process to select and prioritize those ideas.

Researched fertilizer product specification and partnered with chemical and mechanical specialists to design plans for developing target products


You are a customer-centric professional, the Voice of the Customer, skilled in understanding customer needs, preferences, and how they use products. To prove this, you should try to demonstrate how good you are at building strong relationships with customers, and how you establish and manage processes to garner data, information and customer feedback that informs product development, along with how you communicate/demonstrate new features.

Established and expanded use/customer groups to deepen insight into user experience, gather product feedback and facilitate discussion on customer expectations

There are many types of product manager and required skill sets for different industries and product types may vary in their relevance. To improve skill selection and focus all way read job descriptions carefully, note the skills highlighted and think how you can prove you have them. Remember to incorporate key words and phrases that are within the Job Ads/descriptions, and those you know pertaining to the role.

Happy resume writing.

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