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4 Bathing Suit Tips for Mastectomy Patients

For all women, bathing suit shopping can be a stressful time, and the comfort and self-confidence you feel while wearing a swimsuit comes down to the fit and the quality of the suit itself.

This is especially true for women who have undergone a mastectomy. But having a mastectomy does not mean you can no longer confidently enjoy water sports and activities.

Thanks to the many breast cancer bathing suits that are available on the market today, post-mastectomy patients can still feel bold and beautiful on the beach. There are a few tips and tricks to follow to help you find beachwear that will have you feeling strong and confident.

1. Shop at stores that meet your needs

Skip the countless store visits to save yourself the trouble and stress of sifting through racks of bathing suits that do not meet your needs.

Instead, shop specifically at a store geared toward you and your requirements. Online shops are a convenient option that allows you to shop discretely.

They offer a wide variety of breast cancer bathing suits for sale. The suits on these sites are designed with your special needs in mind, and they come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit every woman.

2. Consider your options

Every woman has unique needs and requirements when shopping for a swimsuit and, and there is no “one size suits all” option.

Consider what specific type of swim piece you are looking for. Do you need a breast cancer bathing suit that has pockets for prosthetics, or would you prefer a suit that accommodates a mastectomy bra?

There are many one and two-piece options available on the market that incorporate features like high-necklines and underarm coverage to help you comfortably and confidently enjoy your water activities.

3. Choose comfort

When it comes to swimsuit shopping, comfort is key. Particularly in the period directly following your surgery, you will want to be sure your chest area is supported and comfortable to promote your healing process.

Consider the emotional comfort you need from a swimsuit. Some women may search out swimsuits with specific types of coverage to tuck away scars from surgery. Whether it’s physical or emotional, remember to pick a swimsuit you feel good wearing.

4. Don’t shy away from bold styles

Style is another top priority. While you may need to take more care to pick a suit that fits well and serves your needs, this doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your style.

Don’t shy away from the statement pieces, bold colors, or fun patterns you have always loved. Remember your swimsuit is a fun way to reflect your vibrant personality.

Online stores offer an incredible variety of patterns and styles to suit your needs.
When shopping for a breast cancer bathing suit, remember to look a for a piece that you will look and feel good in.

Bathing suits tailored for mastectomy patients will keep you feeling confident while enjoying your favorite water activities.

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