The art of getting things done.


To Do

Put your tasks in the To Do column of the kanban2Go board. Prioritize them by moving up or down.


In Progress

Pull only those tasks you are actually working on, to the In Progress column of the board.



If you are done with a task, pull it into the Done! column and you are really done with the task. Yay!

kanban2go captures the power of pull visually. Pulling tasks means YOU choose what you are going to work on. By visually managing your tasks you can empower yourself to more productivity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you get the right things done. We bring the power of visualization and simplicity to help you get organized, manage your tasks and empower you to get things done. kanban2go is one of a series of experiments out of Simple Idea Labs. We love what we do and hope you will too!

Simple Integration


kanban2go helps you collaborate with your family, friends, teams at work or just about anybody. You can sync your tasks with Google® Calendar, iCal®, Microsoft Outlook®, Evernote® and share your boards via email and Twitter®

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