How to Dispose of Pacemakers Properly


While not always considered, cremation pacemaker removal is an essential step to prepare the body for the crematorium. Without removing the pacemaker, the intense heat could lead to an explosion within the chamber. The main risk with pacemakers is the lithium batteries found inside the devices; they can explode in the intense heat of cremation. […]

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The Importance of Polishing Your Dental Restorations in California

Ollerton Dental Restorations

So, you’ve got a dental restoration and think that it’s going to last a lifetime. But dentists are seeing a large number of patients returning for treatment because their dental restorations in California have failed. Surprisingly, it’s reported that approximately 10 percent of tooth restorations fail, and replacement now accounts for the majority of surgery […]

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Hypertension: How Can I Treat It Without Pills

Blood Pressure

Hypertension, otherwise known as high blood pressure, plagues a large portion of Americans. Approximately 85 million individuals in the U.S. struggle with hypertension. The increase in recent decades likely comes as a result of the growth of the processed food industry, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). While hypertension itself can seem rather innocuous, […]

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10 Things to Know Before Your Hip Replacement in Louisiana

Hip Replacement

If a deteriorating hip joint or two is causing constant pain and threatening your ability to work, play and walk, a 2-lb. a piece of titanium and ceramic can change your life. While hip replacement in Louisiana is a major surgery with weeks of recovery, nearly 300,000 total hip replacements take place in the U.S. each year. Is it […]

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How Hypnosis is the most effective method to Quit Smoking?

Research shows that the more and better informed people are about smoking, the higher their chance of quitting. At the moment it is estimated that over 1 billion people in the world smoke. That means 1 in 3 adults on the planet are smokers! Smoking ‘epidemic’ is likely to kill two out of three Australian […]

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What Are the Best Vitamins for Muscle Soreness?

Rear View Of A Young Man

Muscle soreness is an inevitable side effect of strenuous exercise or activity, especially after you’re not used to using your muscles in such a capacity for long periods of time. Also known as “muscle fever,” muscle soreness is defined as a stiff pain occurring in your muscles that can last between one and three days […]

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Pharmaceutical Supplements that Help Treat a Herniated Disc


The spine is made up of bones (the vertebrae) and cushiony discs (spinal discs). The discs cushion the space between each vertebra, allowing the spine to move and bend freely without pain. These spinal discs are made of tissue and water, with the thicker, outside tissue protecting the softer inside tissue. When one of these […]

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Insertional Achilles Tendonitis Taping and How it can Help

Achilles injuries are common, even among people with relatively sedentary lifestyles. The cause of Achilles tendonitis is wear and tear on the Achilles tendon, which can be caused by sports injuries, repetitive injuries such as standing on tiptoes, or even intensive movement while wearing high-heels. Certain existing conditions and medications can also increase the risk […]

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Tubal Ligation vs. Essure in Scottsdale

Deciding whether or not it’s time to seek permanent birth control is a major life decision. Whereas men only have the option of a vasectomy for permanent sterilization, women can choose between a tubal ligation, a surgery that closes off a woman’s fallopian tubes, or a non-surgical permanent birth control procedure, like Essure in Scottsdale. The Essure procedure offers women […]

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What Is LASIK Surgery?

plastic surgery treatment

Maybe you’ve had a friend who’s had LASIK surgery. Or a relative. But, do you know what LASIK actually is? Do you know what it can treat? Do you know how it’s performed? Or what you can expect? Do you know if you’re a candidate? Let’s not wonder anymore, let’s learn some of the basics […]

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